Monday, August 2, 2010

Car 771 Ready to Move

Unfortunately I was away from the museum this weekend, so I did not get any pictures of work being done. But, after meeting with Galen Semprebon today, I found out that ConnCo 771 (Consolidated Railway 189) is ready to move! The car had been balanced on a set of trucks with blocking between the slider plates. A compromise center bearing was fabricated for each truck and they were installed. The car then had to be jacked and shifted to sit on the center bearing properly and journal brasses were added where they were missing. Next Saturday, I will be getting to the museum bright and early to help Galen move the car off of the Hartman Storage Track. The storage track needs to be cleared and 0309 and 771 need to be moved to the Visitor Center before we start Rails to the Darkside in October.

Up in the Shop, John Pelletier installed a window frame that he rebuilt for ConnCo 1326, replaced the glass in two broken windows, and did some work to the roof so that should be watertight. Next weekend, the Type 5 will be moved to the shop. Missing windows will be replaced on that car and some minor work will take place.

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