Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Set Up of Visitor Center

The set up in the Visitor Center has continued. Galen & Brian Semprebon were able to move the remaining cars in place. We will wait until after Cabin Fever Days to move the Bobber Caboose inside since we will need that space for people to congregate during the event. Larry Lunden continued to sweep up after the mess that is created when we are working in the Visitor Center. While this doesn't seem like a glamorous or helpful job, it is something that NEEDS to be done and many of us don't have the desire to do this after a days work. Thank you Larry for doing this!

Roger Pierson and Matt Januska continued to work on Springfield Street Railway car 575 (Montreal 2056) removing paint. When they are done, we will be able to repaint it in Springfield, Mass colors.

Up in the shop, John Pelletier has been working on Springfield Terminal Railway car 16.

In the background, JF Smith has been working on a NEW handout for this coming season as well as the next series of Trading Cards!