Saturday, August 28, 2010

Member's Picnic

Today was the day of our yearly Member's Picnic. So, needless to say, I spent a lot of time preparing for that today. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, so if anyone has any pictures of today, feel free to forward them to me. I did spend some time working with Galen Semprebon, George Contrada, John Arel, and Xian Clere on the 0309 (154). We removed the clerestory boards that covered the windows. The windows are glue-glass windows in the clerestory, unfortunately, they have been painted over. One of the big problems is that the car is stored with seats that retain moisture and will continue to rot the car. Not anymore. We spread the seats out underneath the train shed to dry. Then they will be stored in a boxcar. I am not absolutely certain what the seats belong to. They definitely do not belong to the car. Some of them were possibly extras that we obtained in the early years of the museum when ConnCo went out of service. The others look like they came from a passenger coach. Now, we just need to remove all of the overhead and high-line hardware from the car and it will only have parts belonging to the car left in it.

Up in the shop, John Pelletier finished re-plumbing the Type 5's whistles. We just need to install the whistles, and that car will be finished.

Next weekend, we will begin work on setting up for Rails to the Darkside.


  1. Great to hear about the work being done on 0309! Is a cosmetic restoration of the car planned similar to what has been done on the Five Mile Beach open car and the "Northern"?

  2. Yes. We actually have already begun cleaning up the car. A coat of primer was applied to the car this past Friday, and it will receive a coat of paint hopefully in the coming weeks.