Friday, July 30, 2010

Insulated Joints

One of the big problems with insulated joints is, eventually they wear out. When the do so, it can create all sorts of problems with the signal system. This occurred on the west approach to Borrup Road, which was causing a problem with the crossing circuit. However, we could not just replace the insulation, because the ties underneath the joint were junk. So, Wednesday night we had a track party (one of the largest we have had in a while), and replaced the ties under the joint and replaced the insulation on the joint. Replacing the insulation on the joint took the longest. Because it was hot, there was not much room between the two rails, so we had to get the rail stretcher out and push the two rails apart. Once that was done, we were able to slide the insulation between the rails and put the joint bars (once again, with new insulation) back on the track. It was a learning experience, because most of us have never replaced an insulated joint. We started around 5pm after most of us worked our normal jobs and got finished around 9pm.

Meanwhile, up in the shop, Chris Perry was hard at work on Boston Elevated PCC 3100. He has the whole car sanded down and was able to prime and paint the roof. The idea is to get a coat of paint over the car so that it is less prone to rusting. Then, replace the panels on the car that are missing or bad and repaint the car with the proper paint and color.

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