Friday, August 20, 2010

303 Makes Maiden Voyage

Last night, the museum hosted the Tobacco Valley Chamber Alliance's Business After Hours. The event took a lot of planning, but was highly successful. Many businesses throughout the area came for the event, and the parking lot was full almost to capacity.

The museum was represented by Galen Semprebon, Jim Miller, Brian O'Leary, John Carter, Hugh Brower, Fred Stroiney, and myself. The operations department ran trolley service and we were lucky to have a large turnout of volunteers there too: Mike Caputo, Xian Clere, Ernie Anderson, Paul Gallo and Steve Mitchell. Both Galen and the town's first selectwoman gave short speeches and the Broad Brook Opera House Players sang in the theatre.

At the end of the night, I switched over to operations, something I do not normally do, and ran Aurora Elgin & Chicago interurban 303. The car was filled with passengers as we made our maiden passenger voyage with the car. 303 should be out again next weekend for the Members Picnic. Next year, we hope to have Train/Interurban Day on the first Saturday of the summer months. This would be when 303 would run as well as Centerville Albia & Southern box motor 101 with the train.

Photos by Frank Rossano

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