Monday, April 16, 2012

Tie Replacement

On Saturday, we were able to replace 10 ties between Woods Barn Turnout and Borrup Road. Neil Newman, Xian Clere, Andy Cotton, Brian Semprebon, Dave Coppola, John Gasper, Aaron Mangan, and another volunteer helped me with tie replacement. We are hoping to get the tie handler and tie inserter running better so that we can use those machines to do tie replacement which will allow us to replace more ties in one session.

In the shop, Galen Semprebon worked on setting up the woodshop equipment in the car shop. John Pelletier repaired the hand brake on Line Car S-193. The brake cable had snapped, but luckily there was enough of it left to restring the brake cable. He also continued work on the electrical for the headlights on Springfield Terminal Railway car 16. Pat McCann repainted the bumpers on car 16 as well.

On Sunday, Camilo Santiago continued work on the Reading Caboose.

Pending weather, another track work session will take place this coming Saturday April 21st, 2012. We will either be working on replacing ties in the area between Borrup Road and the Hartman Siding Switch or removing spikes from relay ties to reuse.

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