Saturday, April 21, 2012

Shop Work

Up in the car shop, Galen Semprebon and Brian Semprebon were hard at work getting the dust collector put together. It is now up and running. At this time, the wood working machines can be rearranged and set up for use. Pat McCann and John Pelletier spent the day working on Springfield Terminal Railway car 16 preparing her to be released into service. John was able to sand and revarnish the window trim on the car.

In Kelly Yard, Kevin Mitchell and those helping him with his Eagle Scout Project were working diligently on Illinois Terminal car 451. The windows have been removed in order to prepare the car for painting.

Over by the Dining Car, Marilyn Rodriguez helped me clean up the entrance by removing the old lattice fencing and put up newer picket fencing. This really spruced up the area.

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