Monday, April 23, 2012

Eagle Scout Project

Even with the rain yesterday, the Eagle Scouts were able to accomplish some work on Illinois Terminal car 451.  On Saturday, the windows were removed and yesterday the void behind where the windows once were was masked.  This will allow the exterior to be sprayed without causing any over-spray on the interior of the car.

Part of a new exhibit was put together and set up in the main display hall.  We are currently building an exhibit discussing local trolley history.  In it will have information and pictures relating directly to the Hartford & Springfield Street Railway and Piney Ridge Park.  The first component of this is the digitally scanned copies of a brochure that was distributed by the H&S explaining how to take a vacation by trolley between New York City, NY and Portland, ME including New Haven & Hartford, CT and Springfield & Worcester & Boston, MA.  Inside the brochure, it also gives a bit of information about Piney Ridge Park and Mount Tom.  As the year progresses, be on the lookout for additions to this exhibit and more exhibits opening.

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